Eyelash lift                     $70

Eyelash lift and tint      $80

Eyelash tint                   $15

Eyebrow tint (dye)        $20

Henna brow tint           $35

Henna tint and waxing $48

Eyebrow waxing            $15

Lip waxing                       $8

Henna eyebrow tint

Phi Henna not only gives eyebrows amazing definition and extensive color , but also has restorative capability to enhance weak and damaged brow hair, helping bring back natural volume.
While similar to permanent makeup, Phi Henna’s natural benefits provide multiple advantages for brows by reviving weak hair follicles, encouraging their vitality and keeping their natural shape. Phi Henna color easily tints the skin, leaving a subtle effect of soft color similar to permanent makeup, with no unwanted reddish or blue tones. The effect lasts around 3-4 weeks (depending on skin type), which makes it a great alternative for those who are not sure if they want to do permanent makeup. Phi Henna comes in multiple shades and can be done over older Microblading or permanent makeup