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Besides the style of eyelash extensions and the experience of the eyelash technician, the most important factor in eyelash extensions is the shape of your eyes. Different eye shapes require different lash lengths and thicknesses, and depending on your choice your final resultcan be different.

What eyelash extensions to pick and how to choose a lash style before getting your lash extensions done? Would you like to know how to pick a classic set of lashes for different eye shapes? Please keep reading!

Lash Extensions for Different Eye Shapes:

1. Round eyes

Round eyes usually are the dominant feature on the face and characterised by having a height equal to or very close to the length. You should stay away from the open eye stylebecause it will make your client’s eyes look too big and surprised.

Shorter lashes in the inner corner and longer lashes on the outer corners will add length to the eye without adding much height and help to balance the eyes toward the desirable almond shape.

Once the extensions are in place, your eyes will appear more youthful and radiant.

2. Almond eyes