HydroFacial / Oxygen Treatment $49


      Benefits of a Hydro-Exfoliating Facial  Treatment                      

While there are plenty of amazing facial treatments available today, the hydro-exfoliating treatment (also known as hydra-dermabrasion) is one of the best facial treatments that’s appropriate for all skin types. It is an extremely thorough facial that uses a special “hydro-exfoliating machine” to perform three specific actions. First, it exfoliates and cleanses. It also infuses the skin with a nourishing serum. This means that it is safe for sensitive skin and doesn’t require as much “down time” as other facial treatments. Finally, this is an astoundingly effective treatment for a wide variety of skin conditions, ranging from acne to hyperpigmentation.



Oxygen Infusion Therapy.

Oxygen Infusion Therapy treatments use pressurized oxygen to deliver an exclusive moisture binding serum to the deepest layers of your skin. Your skin receives a cool mist of straight oxygen that is relaxing and accelerates your skin’s absorption of vitamins and minerals.


Mask , hot towel, serum, moisturizer and day cream with SPF30